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Vidor ISD uses the TEKS Resource System under the management of the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC) which is a comprehensive, customizable, online curriculum and assessment management system.

TEKS Resource System

All of the system’s content is aligned to the most current Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) adopted by the Texas State Board of Education. The TEKS Resource System provides the curriculum framework for which teachers and schools can plan instruction that meets the needs of their individual students. Please contact your child’s teacher or school in order to better understand how they are using the TEKS Resource System and its tools. The TCMPC believes that teachers, working with parents and their communities, know how to best educate their students.

Curriculum and assessment components aligned to the most current versions of the State Board of Education-adopted TEKS are provided for the following subject areas:

  • English Language Arts and Reading (grades K-12)
  • Mathematics (grades K-12)
  • Science (grades K-12)
  • Social Studies (grades K-12)
  • Spanish Language Arts and Reading (grades K-5)
  • Spanish translated versions of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (grades K-5)

Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the standards that will be covered in their child’s courses by going to the TRS website and selecting the link for Guest or Parent.

‚ÄčClassLinkTeachers use a variety of resources in the student’s educational process. The district utilizes vetted materials and resources in each adoption and ensures the students have access to the materials either with hard copies or digital versions. Digital resources can be accessed through the student’s ClassLink launchpad wherever there’s internet connectivity.



HB3 Reading Academies

Per House Bill 3 (HB 3), passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June of 2019, all kindergarten through third grade teachers (except for art, health education, music, physical education, speech communication and theatre arts, or theatre teachers) and principals must attend a "teacher literacy achievement academy" by the 2022 - 2023 school year.
Ashley Safer, Director of Curriculum and Special Programs continues to oversee this program to make sure all teachers under the mandate get the necessary training required by the state.

Ashley Safer