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Jason Frugia

Jason Frugia, Director of Technology
270 N Main St.  Vidor, Tx  77662
Office: 409.951.8750 
Kendra Kordie, Technology Adm. Assistant


Jim GordonJim Gordon, IT Coordinator

270 N Main St.  Vidor, Tx  77662
Office: 409.951.8750 

Wesley Strickland, Assistant to IT Coordinator

Jana Cash, Coordinator of Instructional TechnologyJana Cash, Coordinator of Instructional Technology / Webmaster

1255 North Main St.  Vidor, Tx  77662
Office: 409.951.8754 


Daniel Romero, VHS Technician Shawn Chesser, OFE/VMS5 Technician
Jacob Travis, VJHS Technician Wayne Stubblefield, VE Technician
Billy Dunlap, PFE, VMS6 Technician  

Providing services and solutions that promote 21st century learning!

How can we best prepare students to succeed in the 21st century? It is our goal to provide effective and efficient support to teachers and staff to ensure technology is available to supplement a meaningful curriculum for students. Our objectives in meeting this goal include:

  • Establishing open communication with staff to promote trust and confidence
  • Providing training and resources to maximize learning for teachers, staff and students
  • Maintaining the infrastructure and equipment to reduce downtime for teachers, staff and students




CB Introductory Video
Pre-K-6th Grade CB Handbook
Secondary CB Handbook

 To help promote the safe operation of all electronic devices, we suggest the following best practices:

  • Use only approved charging cables, including the cable provided.
  • Unplug your device once it’s fully charged. Devices should not be left plugged in continuously.
  • When not in use, power down/turn off your device.
  • Place your device on a flat, solid surface such as floor or table.
  • Ensure your device is not covered for proper ventilation.
  • Keep devices near room temperature when in use.
  • Do not expose the units to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • Do not expose the unit or its battery to water or other liquids.
  • Do not drop the units and do not insert foreign objects into the battery or unit.

Technology continues to play a critical role in the educational process. If you have any questions or concerns about the technology issued to you, please contact your school for support.

Acceptable Use Agreement





Skyward Mobile Access


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