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Wellness Policies

Vidor ISD Wellness Policies

SHAC The Vidor ISD's School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is an advisory group of individuals from around the community that acts collectively to provide advice to administration regarding health curriculum and other health issues. The council was formed in compliance with Texas Education Code 28.004, part of Senate Bill 19.

2022-2023 SHAC Meetings

  • Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Recording:

  • Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Recording:


  • Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes

The district has adopted policies and implemented procedures to comply with agency and food service guidelines for restricting student access to vending machines:

  • Nutrition Policy
  • Wellness Policy
  • Citizen Advisory Committees

The district and its staff strictly enforce prohibitions against the use of tobacco products by students and others on school property or at school-sponsored or school-related activities:

  • Student Conduct Tobacco Use and Possession
  • Employee Standards of Conduct

As a condition of accreditation, the District shall provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills at appropriate grade levels in the foundation and enrichment curriculum. At least thirty minutes per school day or 135 minutes per school week of physical activity is included in the enrichment curriculum.

  • Enrichment Curriculum

*Note: Vidor ISD administers The Fitnessgram in the third through twelfth grades as the required student physical fitness assessment. Results are submitted to the state and parents may contact their student's physical education teacher for their student's results.

The district has also adopted the curriculum provided by SPARK to satisfy the Health requirements at each campus.

Mental Health

Mental health has become a major focus for the SHAC committee over the past few years. Following are some support documents and contacts for those needing help with crisis intervention.



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