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Academic Accountability

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Kelly Waters, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Heather Watson East, Director of Curriculum
Ashley Safer, Director of  Curriculum & Special Programs
Office: 409.951.8706  |  Fax: 409.783.9117

Vidor ISD Performance Report

Effective September 1, 2005, HB 3297 requires districts to post their most recent campus report card for each campus in the district, the most recent performance report for the district, and the most recent performance rating of the district. Following are links to the Vidor ISD reports. Hard copies of any reports listed on this page are available upon request.

Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) 2019-20

The annual Report must include the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), which is its primary component . The TAPR provides district and campus performance data, as well as Student, Staff, Program and Financial Information. The reports for the District and each campus are available online in English and Spanish at:
Refer to the TAPR Glossary, or Glosario, on this site for clarification of terms used in the documents.

Accountability Rating

The website contains interactive accountability rating summaries and detailed reports for each district, campus, and open-enrollment charter school in the state of Texas.

District Accreditation Status

Texas Education Code §39.051 requires each district to include the 2019-20 accreditation status in their Annual Report. This information can be accessed at:

Campus Performance Objectives

Texas Education Code §11.253 requires each campus to have an improvement plan with performance objectives and progress reports. Both the objectives and the progress of each campus toward meeting those objectives are included in the district’s Annual Report. The current District Improvement Plan (DIP) and the Campus Improvement Plans (CIP) are located here. Other performance objectives can be found in the Vidor ISD District Goals.

Report on Violent or Criminal Incidents

The Annual Report must include information about violent or criminal incidents that occur on each campus. As reported in the 2018-2019 NCLB Consolidated Compliance Report, there were no violent and criminal acts reported in the district. 
Information about school violence prevention and intervention policies and procedures are found on the district website. Refer to:

PEIMS Financial Standard Reports (19-20 Financial Actual Reports)

Financial Standard Reports by district are provided by the Office of School Finance and can be accessed from a link on the last page of the TAPR at or on the VISD Financial Transparency webpage.