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Angie Conn, Dina Ewart, Martin Herring - VHS Employees of the Month

Posted Date: 04/26/2022

Angie Conn, Dina Ewart, Martin Herring - VHS Employees of the Month
Vidor High School chose their PASS (Positive Approach to Student Success) team as Employees of the Month.  The group is comprised of Martin Herring, Angie Conn, and Dina Ewart.  They were nominated by principal Mr. James McDowell, who has this to say," I nominated our PASS team because they have done a great job implementing a new program at VHS this year that provides much-needed behavior support for many of our students. As the PASS teacher, Mr. Herring works with paraprofessionals Conn and Ewart to monitor and support students in the program throughout their school day.  With eight classroom teachers per student, it creates a full day for each of them as they move around the campus to check on students, collaborate with the teachers, and pull students out for focused support and redirection when necessary.  This team has done an exceptional job of implementing the program and making adjustments when and where they are necessary.  They've established strong relationships with the students and work to help them extinguish targeted behaviors in the classroom.  They are helping not only with classroom behavior skills, but life skills that will benefit them for years to come."