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Frequently Asked Questions
Question What is the dress code for Vidor Middle School?
Click here to see the entire dress code policy.

Question What are the office hours?
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Question What is the school phone number?

Question What is the school fax number?

Question What are the arrival and departure procedures for students?
Most students arrive by bus and will be dropped off in front of school at the main entrance. Students who intend to eat breakfast at school will go immediately through the cafeteria line, eat on the lower level of the cafeteria, and then go to their designated area. Designated areas are as follows:
    • 5th grade- Gym
    • 6th grade- Cafeteria (2nd and 3rd levels)

Parents dropping off students in the morning should do so in the special drop off area marked on the side of the school. Please do not send or drop off your child before 7:10 AM.

Parents who are picking up children after school should not park in the staff parking lot/bus drive. At dismissal time parent pickup students will be called by name on our intercom and will exit through the side doors. Buses are called beginning approximately at 3:10. It usually takes 45-60 minutes for all buses to arrive and depart Vidor Middle School.

Question May my child walk or ride a bike to school?
Our concern for your child's safety prevents us from allowing students to walk or ride their bikes to school. Our students arrive and depart by automobile or bus.

Question What if my child needs to leave early?
All students leaving school early must be signed out in the school office. Students will be called on the intercom to meet their parent or adults in the office. If a doctor's appointment must be scheduled during the school day, please send a note to the teachers and come to the office to sign him/her out. Children will need to be signed back in by an adult when they return to school. Attendance is vital to the success of our students. Please arrange doctor appointments, trips, and lessons so your child can be at school all day, every day.

Question Can parents eat lunch with their children?
Vidor Middle School encourages parents to eat lunch with their children. Please sign in and receive a visitor pass in the office when you enter the building. Also, please sign out when leaving the campus.

Question What time is early dismissal for Vidor Middle School?
Parent pickup is at 1:15, and buses will be called as they arrive at the school.

Question What if my child forgets to bring something to school?
Student's possessions are their responsibility. For that reason, we will not routinely allow students to call home for missing or forgotten items. If you do deliver an item for your child, please bring it to the office.

Question What if parent pickup or bus arrangements for my child change during the school day?
In general, arrangements should be worked out before leaving home each day. Please call the office if unexpected changes occur during the day. You can then fax a note to the school or your child will be summoned to the office to return your call.

Question What if my child misses the bus?
It is important that your child listens to the bus numbers called on the speaker as they arrive in the afternoon. If the bus is missed, your child should come to the office and call home for transportation. If your daytime phone numbers change during the school year, please provide the new information to the office. It is essential that we have a way to contact you at all times. It is important to list two people on your child's AGR card at the beginning of the year who could be contacted when you might be unavailable.

Question How can I schedule a conference with my child's teachers?
Parent conferences are the most effective way of communicating with your child's teachers. Please call the office and request the secretary to help you in setting up a meeting time for you and the teachers. If beneficial, conferences can also be handled by phone with your child's teacher.

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