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The Vidor ISD faculty, administration and support staff continually strive towards the tradition of excellence that has been established in this community. Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment is a top priority in meeting the learning needs of each of our students.

March Employees of the Month
Employee of the Month
Oak Forest Elementary Child Nutrition Staff
Vidor ISD has chosen to recognize the Child Nutrition staff at Oak Forest Elementary as the March Employees of the Month.  The ladies and gentlemen of the crew were nominated by Janet Manley, Oak Forest PE teacher, and Sherry Peddy, Oak Forest head custodian. These two ladies well know how hard this group works, because they often share space with them.   “We have a remarkable cafeteria staff. Being in portable buildings has brought a host of obstacles that these fine people work daily to overcome. Food has to be prepared at Vidor Elementary and then transported to Oak Forest cafeteria, rain or shine, in the heat or in the cold weather. These workers are seen making the trek back and forth between campuses throughout the day.  Floors are mopped again and again each day with no complaints to anyone.  In spite of the obstacles, they still deliver a nutritious breakfast and lunch with smiles on their faces.  Students have mistakenly thrown away personal items such as eyeglasses to rings to toys. The cafeteria staff goes above and beyond to help the students recover their lost items.  They work as a team and truly seem to enjoy the job they do each day.  It’s a pleasure to walk into the cafeteria and see this group of dedicated individuals who are never too busy to acknowledge students, visitors, or faculty with a smile and encouraging word.”  Mrs. Carolyn Wedgeworth, the Oak Forest principal, concurs that these folks are very worthy of this recognition, and were so happy when she went to tell them they were chosen as VISD employees of the month.

Barbara Butler
Barbara Butler, Vidor Elementary
Vidor Elementary’s employee of the month is counselor Barbara Butler, who was nominated by the office staff. She has twenty-eight years of experience.  She not only serves as counselor, but the 504 coordinator and has served as the RTI coordinator as well. She also has taken on the challenging role of testing coordinator and has done an amazing job with both benchmark and STAAR testing.   She is also the contact person for Child Find, and has served VE in many areas, with a wide array of knowledge.  She is fair and kind-hearted, serving students by helping with them with their emotional needs, which is one of her greatest joys.  For many years she held individual counseling sessions with any child with a need, and even now, with her busy agenda, she provides guidance lessons to address character education, kindness, and bullying. If a student is in crisis, she leads the Vidor Elementary crisis team to address that student’s issue in a professional, compassionate manner.   Mrs. Butler volunteers her time on a daily basis to do after school parent pick-up duty. She serves on the school site-based team and attends all after school events.  She is seen as an asset to the team/family at VE and is vital with her many caps of knowledge.  She is involved in her church, serving as leader of the A.C.T.S. weekend retreats, and participates in such activities as bike-a-thon ride fundraisers.  She organizes secret pals as a staff morale booster, and draws a student name for a birthday cake each month.  She also gives popcorn parties for perfect attendance in classrooms, and is vocal about how eating right and exercise are essential for a balanced lifestyle.  She has inspired many with her dedication, and her office is always open.

Carmen Brown Carmen Brown, Vidor Jr. High
Vidor Junior High’s March Employee of the Month is Carmen Brown.  She was nominated by teacher Amy Odom.  “Carmen teaches Home Ec., making sure she instills skills and techniques to ensure every student is challenged while learning how to be a cooperative team member, which translates into a productive member of society.  She plans each project/lab with care to give every student an opportunity to contribute in the tasks required.  Mrs. Brown spends countless hours planning, requesting, and purchasing supplies to make her class and lessons fun and engaging.  You can catch her rewarding her students for good behaviors in fun ways, such as getting to do ‘pancake art’ with colored pancake batter, or going on a field trip to experience higher education and campus life.  Mrs. Brown does a fabulous job and was recently noticed during a fire drill with her class being named “best behaved.’  Her students know what is expected, which allows them to accomplish much.”

Garrett Smith Garrett Smith, Vidor High School
Garrett Smith is the employee of the month of March for Vidor High School.  Smith is the welding teacher, and he was nominated by principal Mr. James McDowell.  He says, “As a first year teacher, Mr. Smith has shown a true drive and passion to provide nothing but the best for his students.  Since joining our campus this year, Mr. Smith has quickly connected to his students, the staff, and the community.  Right away he engaged local industry leaders in building support for the welding program.  He has had welding supplies and clothing donated to ensure all of his students have the tools they need to learn and practice the trade.  He has hosted welding competitions on campus where students competed for a variety of prizes that were donated.  Most recently, he kicked off a welding scholarship fundraiser with the goal of raising enough money to provide each student who graduates, receives their AWS D1.1 welding certification, and attends a trade school a scholarship.   He is an active member of Turning Point Church, where he attends with his wife, Whitney. Together they are active in supporting the youth.
Leni Medley & Megan Pate Leni Medley & Megan Pate, Pine Forest Elementary
Leni Medley and Megan Pate are Pine Forest Elementary employees of the month for March. They were nominated by the teachers in the fourth grade, and both are lab teachers.  They are seen as ladies who go above and beyond what’s expected of them, helping with data, keeping the teachers up to date when there is new data or things change, reminding them when students are behind on their iStation time, and helping them keep RTI paperwork in order.  They contribute in helping with students in any way they can, and communicate a lot so that everyone is on the same page with RTI. They are working very hard to make sure every student is successful.
Tammie Landry & Pam Patterson Tammie Landry & Pam Patterson, Vidor Middle School
Vidor Middle School’s principal Mrs. Kerri Pierce has chosen her assistant principals, Pam Patterson and Tammie Landry, as VMS’s March employees of the month.  “Because of the unique situation that Vidor Middle School is in, these two ladies are put in a very trying position every single day.  The separation of the campuses leaves these two assistant principals without any support for half their work week since I’m going between both campuses,” says Pierce.  “They are often left to manage the day-to-day operations of the campus by themselves, and they are doing an amazing job. They both show immense dedication to the students and staff at each campus.  They never once complain about the many tasks they have to complete.  Some days are a struggle for them and they oftentimes feel like they are on an island, but they constantly keep me in the loop about what is going on when I’m not there, they consistently ask what they can do for me, and they always keep a positive attitude.”  Pierce says that even though they’re not all together, they have been able to create a team among the three of them.  “It’s especially challenging for Mrs. Landry as a first year assistant principal, but Mrs. Patterson has done a great job of mentoring her in spite of the logistical challenges.  To have two administrators who can lead our campuses in my absence makes my job incredibly easier, and I’m thankful for the amazing job these two women do on a daily basis.”

Employee of the Month Nominations
Please consider who you might nominate from your campus or department to be employee of the month. You may print the form from the link below. Send it to your campus principal or department director. A RECENT PHOTOGRAPH MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR SUBMISSION FOR YOUR NOMINEE TO BE CONSIDERED. Photos may also be emailed to

Employee of the Month Form

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