Web Requisitions - A Simple 4 Step Process...
Note: this does not apply to check requests or invoices. Continue sending those to Karen in the business office.

Step 1: Master Information | Step 2: Add Line Item
Step 3: Account Distribution | Step 4: Submit | View Requisition

Log into Skyward Employee Access from the VISD home page under Staff.
Employee Access

Log into the Finance Live page with your VISD user name and password. Click Login.
Employee Finance Live Login

Click the Continue button on the True Time Screen
True Time Screen

This tutorial will be done in the new Desktop View (#1 below). Depending on your current permissions to access various content in Skyward, you will see some tabs across the top of the screen. Select the Purchasing tab. A window will pop up where you can select Requisitions.

Step 1: Create the Requisition Master Information
A. Select the Add button
Add Requisition
B. Fill in the Requisition Master Information screen
Note: * fields must be filled in
Fill in Master Information
1 - Select your requisition group (you will probably have 1 to choose
2 - The Fiscal Year will already be filled in for you
3 - Select the type of Account Allocation you would like to make:
     Account Allocation by total requisition amount - taking a little from
     here and there - this one's the EASIEST
     Account Allocation by each requisition detail line - each line item
     needs its own account number - may not use this one as much
4 - Type accurate detail description of what request is for
5 - Select Vendor (there are a couple of ways you can do this)
     Begin typing Vendor's name (pop up will reveal vendors matching
     what you are typing; just click on the vendor
     Click on Vendor link: type vendor name in search box > hit enter >
     click on vendor name > click select
Note: Warehouse requisitions: Vendor AND Ship To will be Vidor ISD

6 - Select Ship To the same way you selected Vendor
7 - Attention: type in the originator's name and the location of the
     originator (example: Joe Smith - Vidor Jr. High)
8 - Leave the date boxes alone unless you are doing several "like"
     requests that just need the month changed
9 - Leave the Ship Via blank
10 - Click the Save and Add Detail Line button

Step 2: Add Line Item
Requisition Master Information appears at the top of the window.
Fill in the Requisition Detail Lines:
Add Detail Line Item
1 - Line Number - starts at 100 and will go in increments of 10 (in case
     you need to add other items inbetween)
2 - Select the Line Type:
      Merchandise - will be used the most
      Narrative - will be used for things like "Do not Accept", "Free
      Shipping" etc.
3 - Type in the Quantity
4 - Unit of Measure - click on the Unit of Measure link; in the
     following window double click on the unit of measure
     (box, case, each);
     or you can just type the unit of measure in the field
5 - Type in the Unit Cost
6 - Total Cost is automatically calculated for you
7 - Type a very detailed, specific description of the item - include
     SKU#, catalog#, catalog page, item name, color, etc.
8 - Click the Save button
Note: Don't forget to add 10% for shipping even on items you don't
         know if there will be shipping...purchasing will edit it accordingly

Note: Discounts: put in negative amount for unit cost

Add more line items as needed (click the Add button on the next screen):
Add More Line items
Follow the steps above for Adding Line Items .
Narrative Line Item:
Narrative Line Item

Step 3: Add Requisitions Accounts
When all Line Items are entered, Click the Add Requisition Accounts button:
Add Requisition Account
Fill in the Account Distribution window
Account Distribution
1 - Type in account
    Note: you must type an E (expense) after 199 (i.e. 199E116398) -
    no dashes or spaces
2 - Click a check by the account you want to use; if you need to use
     more than one account, make sure to check all accounts to
     be used
3 - The selected accounts will appear at the bottom of the window;
      If more than one account is used, type in the percentage or the
      amount to be used from each account
4 - Click the Save Account Distrib button

Step 4: Submit Requistion
Click the Submit for Approval button
Note: Do not edit requisition after you submit. If you must edit it, you
        will have to resubmit the request.

Submit Requisition
Note: From this screen you can click the...
        Edit Master link to change the Requisition Information

        Save and Finish Later button if you're not ready to submit the

        Update Account Distribution information to edit account
        View Requisition Detail Lines to look at your ordered items

- To view your requisitions and at what level of approval the
       requisition has reached, click the + by the requisition and then
       click Expand All.
  - If a requisition is denied, you can go in and edit it according to the
       approver's note and resubmit it.