Transferring Grades Using the New Button Button

When a student has a section change in their schedule and the course remains the same, a New Button button will appear in the teacher gradebook. This allows teachers to transfer assignment grades from one of their classes to another or from another teacher's class to theirs.

1. Click the New Button button by the student's name on the Main Screen
2. The 'New Student" screen will pop up. There are 5 Options to choose from ranging from automatic transferto manual transfer as well as assignment grades or term grades.
Transfer Grade Screen

Option #1 - Auto-transfer Scores from Dropped Section of this Course (Automatically Transfer Scores)
There will be a message telling how many assignments matched.
In order for an assignment to match it must meet the following criteria before it will transfer:

Click Save to transfer any scores that meet the criteria to the new course section.

Option #2 - Transfer Assignment/Term Scores from a Dropped Class (Manually Transfer Scores)
Select the option to transfer assignments and term scores or just term scores
Click the Select Dropped Class link and click on the class you want to get the scores from
Click Manually Transfer Scores button
Click the Grade link by one of the assignments
Transfer Grades screen
Click on one of the transfer links to populate the score in the transfer box and then click Save
Transfer Grades Save
Click the Complete Assignment Scoring button to enter the Term Scores (if you chose that option)
Transfer Term Grades
If the office has entered a score for the new student from another school or you are just transferring a term grade from another course section, you must enter that grade in the empty field next to that term (this will populate the grade in your gradebook so that Semester and Final grades calculate correctly in your gradebook).
Click the Save Term Grades and Enter Semester Grades button and repeat the process for Semester grades.
Click Save Semester Grades and Finish to complete the process.

Option #3 - Manually Enter Term Scores (select this option if you are entering a Term Grade for a closed grading period)
Follow the same steps as outlined in entering Term Scores in Option #2

Option #4 - One-Click Transfer Term Percents from Dropped Section of this Course (term percents must be present to use this option)

Option #5- Enter A Starting Grade Percentage for the Current Term (good for giving a grade percent to assignments already completed before the transfer student arrived into this course section, either from another school or from another teacher)
Set Starting Grade