The Standards Gradebook is used in the VISD elementary schools for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. It is a subject/skill gradebook.
Login and Gradebook Screen | Entering Scores | Reports | My Students

1. Login to Skyward by going to the district homepage > Staff > Skyward > Login with your VISD account Username and Password.

2. On the Home Page, select My Gradebook
Standard Home

3. On the next screen, select the Standards Gradebook link.

4. This is the Main Screen in your Gradebook:
Main Screen
Notice there is a color for each Subject. This can look a little overwhelming so you might want to adjust what is displayed on your screen...

5. On the tan tabs across the top of the gradebook, hover over Display Options and select Student Display to edit the way the students appear on the screen:
Display Options

6. Select the way you want the name to display on the gradebook etc.
Note: Dropped students will not appear in your gradebook. If you need to see the grades you entered for them, select Dropped Students.
Click SAVE to get back to the Main Screen.
Student Display

7. Hover over the Display Options again and this time select Grade Period Display.
To show only the current six weeks, click the Hide All button to deselect the other terms. Click SAVE.
Grade Period Display

8. You can expand and collapse each Subject to hide or show the skills, allowing you to see more on your screen rather than having to scroll a lot.
Under the SW column, click on the Standar Collpsed Button to collapse a subject or click on the Standard Expand Button to expand the subject so you can see the skills to enter grades.
Expand/Collapse Skills

There are several ways to enter student scores (Kindergarten - E,S,N,U,Im or Prekindergarten - X = Skill Mastered or * = Being Practiced. Some subjects require a numeral instead of the letter or symbol.
Method 1: Mass Assign by skill
Note: Good option if most of the students will recieve the same score and you just have to edit a few.
1. Click on a cell or the link under a skill to be scored.
Enter Grade

2. Click the drop-down arrow by the Mass Assign Options and select a score the majority of the students will receive. The grade cells are automatically populated with that score. Edit any scores you need to by selecting the student's score and typing in the correct score.
Click SAVE.
Mass Assign Scores

Method 2: Quick Score
Note: Good option if you have just a few scores to edit.
1. Select the Quick Score tab on the Main Screen:
Quick Score Tab

2. Click the asterick under the skill that you want to enter a score for the student. Type in the Score. Click Save.
Quick Score Screen

Method 3: Individual Student Scoring
Note: Good option if you want to enter all the scores for one student at a time.
1. Click on a student's name on the Main Screen.
Individual Scoring

2. Click on the Enter Scores for Skills button.
Student Score Screen

3. Select the cell to enter score and type it in. You can click enter twice to select the next cell down instead of using the mouse.
Enter Student Score

There are several reports you as the teacher can run whenever you want. Each one has different information output. Below are examples of a few of the reports and what they look like.

1. Hover over the Reports tab on the Main Screen. Select the type of report you need.
Reports Tab

2. Skyward has created several templates per report that will help you get started. If you don't like their setup, you can create your own by clicking the Add a New Template button and selecting the parameters you need for that report.
Once you have decided the report template you would like, select it; the click the Print button (don't worry, it's not going to the actual printer, but to the Print Queue where it will wait in line to be processed).
Report Templates

3. When the report has completed processing, Click the Display Report button.
Display Report

4. A PDF file has been generated of the report that you can view or print or save. This is an example of a Grade Sheet Report.
Grade Sheet Report

Progress Report Detail example:
Progress Detail Report

Information Report example:
Information Report

Class Roster Report example:
Class Roster Report

This is a good option if you need to find out family, emergency, etc. kinds of information on your students.

1. On the Home Page, click My Students.
My Students

2. Enter the student's last name in the search box or scroll to the student's name.
Select the student's name.
Click the Select button.
Student Search

3. The student's profile will be displayed on the screen. You can also get other information on the student by using the navigation links located on the left hand side of the screen.

Student Profile