There are 4 different Progress Reports that can be created from Skyward's templates. Any of these reports can be modified to fit your needs or you can create your own report by selecting the Progress Report Template button on the Progress Report report screen of your choice and selecting the parameters you desire on the report.
Progress Detail | Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Report | Progress Summary | Multi-Class Progress Report

1. Select the class you want to print progress reports for.
2. Hover over the Reports tab and select the type of Progress Report you want (see examples of each by clicking on the links above)
Progress Report Tab
3, On the next screen, select the Skyward template of your choice (or create your own with the add a new template button)
Select Template
Note: You can print individual progress reports by clicking on the Select Different Students button and clicking a check by just their name(s).
Click the Print button to create the report. Note: the report will go to your Print Queue for processing.
4. After processing has completed, click the Display Report button.
Display Report
The report will launch a pdf (Adobe Reader) file with one student per page.

Following are the 4 main reports and what is included on each:

1. Progress Detail
Progress Detail
Current Term - Attendance Totals - Current Average - Categories - Assignments/Grades - Comments - Signature Line

2. Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Report
Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Report
Current Term - Attendance Totals - Assignments/Grades by Category - Averages by Category - Current Average - Comments - Signature Line

3. Progress Summary
Progress Summary
Student roster with percent and grade
Note: the parameter can be changed to reflect percents less than 70 to make a class failure report.

4. Multi-Class Progress Report
Multi-Class Progress Report
All Classes - Only Category Averages - Current Average - Signature Line