The My Activities link is provided to those coaches and sponsors who have been identified as an Activity contact in Skyward to help keep up to date on their student's progress in the classroom.

1. Open your Home Screen in your Gradebook.
2. Along the left navigation column click on My Activities link.
My Activities 1

3. On the next screen, select Current Year Activities. Click the Apply Filter button.My Activities Filter

4. Single click on the Activity you need the report for. Click the Student Search and Reports buttons.My Activities Selection

5. A roster of students in the Activity will be displayed. To generate an eligibility list of students for that activity, select either the Progress Report button or the Report Card Summary.
My Activities Report Selection
Progress Report button: set the parameters for the report. Select the Grading Term; if you want to see why the student is failing a subject, click Display Assignment Detail Information; Click Only Print student with less than and fill in 70 for the percent; Click the View Reports for All Students button.
Report Card Summary button: the report will show the failing student's grades in all subjects, not just the failing subject (this report will show an Incomplete if the teacher has posted it that way in the NW column)
My Activities Parameters

6. Click the Print button. A pdf file will be generated that you can print out.
Note: This is only as accurate as what the teachers have filled in on their gradebook; it may not be a perfect reflection of grades, but it should be close.


1. Navigate to the Activities screen.
2. Click the plus button by the activity the student participates in. The window will expand.
3. Click the plus button by the Student Roster title. The Roster will expand.
4. Click on the student's name to link to their student profile.
My Activities Individual Student

5. On the student profile screen, click the Family Access Display link to bring up grades etc.
My Activities 3
6. On the Family Access Display screen, select the desired tabs or links to find the information you need for grades, missing assignments, schedule, etc.