To Print a Hard Copy Back-Up of Your Gradebook:

1. Open your Gradebook
2. Select My Gradebook

3. On the next screen, hover over the Reports for All Classes button and Select Grade Sheet Report.

4. On the next screen, Select Add a New Template. Give the Template a name like My GradeSheets. Click Save.
5. Set the parameters for your Gradebook similar to the following screenshot:
Select Term - Show Student Name - Use Gradebook Sort Order - Show Assignments - Assignment Legend: Don't Show at All - Show Term Grade Marks - Show as Gradebook - Select Font Size: 12
Click Save

6. On the next screen, Select the report you created. Click Print.

7. On the next screen, wait for the report to generate, then click Display Report. The GradeSheet report will display in pdf format with all classes.