Student Failure Progress Reports or Class Failure List

Failure Report - Student Failing Progress Reports
1. Select the class you want to produce the failure report for
2. Select the report you want to run the failures for (i.e. Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Report)
3. On the Report screen, select the Skyward Template that best fits your needs (or create your own with the Add New Template button)
Report Screen
4. Click the Clone Template button if you choose one of the Skyward Templates
5. Title the new template Failures and click the Save button
6. A window will pop up to allow you to edit the parameters. Check the Only print students with less and fill in a 70. Click Save.
Set Parameters
7. Click the Print button to run the report.


Class Failure List
1. Hover over the Reports tab and select Progress Summary under Progress Reports
2. Clone one of the Skyward templates and name it Failure List. Click Save.
3. On the parameters screen, select Only print students with less than and fill in 70 for final percent.
Failure List
4. Select any other parameters you need on the report.
5. Click Save.
6. Print report.