Assigning Extra Credit - Method 1
1. Create an assignment for the bonus (select the category you want the bonus to go toward and label it something like Bonus Chap1 Test).
2. On the Max Score field, change it from 100 to 0.
3.On the gradekeeping screen, enter the points (i.e. 5) the student gets extra credit for.

Assigning Extra Credit - Method 2
Note: Make sure when you create the assignment to leave Max Score at 100.
1. If the score being entered exceeds 100, a warning window will pop-up letting you know the value is over the max value that's been assigned.
2. Click OK
3. The score will appear with the extra credit (i.e. 100 on assignment + 5 bonus points = 105)
4. Be aware that if the student has an overall average above 100, the NW column will only report up to 100.
5. To disengage the "over max value" window so that it won't pop up each time you enter a score over 100:
a. Hover over Display Options tab
b. Click on Assignment Display
c. Check the box under Assignment Score Entry for "suppress the value entered is greater than max score" message
d. Click Save