Printing Multi-Class and Multi-Subject Progress Reports for Elementary Grades 1-4

1. Open Gradebook and select a subject (anything except homeroom)
2. Hover over the Reports tab and select Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Reports under the Progress Report Section
Enhanced Multi-Class Progress Report
3. On the next screen, select Add a New Template
Elementary PR - Add Template
4. On the next screen, give the Template a Unique Name (i.e. My Progress Report). This is what will show up in the Report Template Name list. Click Save.
Title of PR
5. On the next screen, Check the parameters that you want to show on the Progress Report. The following example gives a nice 2-3 page report (depending on the amount of assignments you have given per class). It includes:
Display Student Name - Display Attendance Totals - Print All Classes - Ascending - Display Category Totals - Group Assignments by Category - Grade Mark - Special Codes - Display Signature Line - Display Current Class Grade
Note: You can check what you want to show on the Progress Report. Keep in mind, the more you have checked, the longer the report will be.
Be sure to click the Save button when you have the parameters set.
Elem PR Parameters
6. On the next screen, make sure My Progress Report is selected and click the Print button. The print queue will run the report. When it is complete, click the Display Report button.
Elementary PR Display Report
7. The next screen will be your report in PDF format which you can print hard copies.
Completed Elementary Progress Report