Editing Term Grades - Secondary Gradebook
Once the grading period window has closed, you must follow these steps to change ANY grades, assignment or term grades, or to enter transfer grades.

You will know the window is closed if you try to change grades and cannot. There will be a red message at the top of the grade adjustment screen or grade editing screen that says: Grading Period has closed....

1. Go to the class you need to edit assignment grades, SW grades, etc.
Main Screen

2. Under the SW1 column (or whichever term you are in), hover over the Options drop down and select "Grade Posting Status for SW1"
Grade Posting Drop Down

3. Click on the Request Grade Changes button
Request Button

4. Notice you will have a 2 hour block to enter your grade changes into the system for this class. If you exceed this time limit, you will need to start the process over again for this class.
You must type a reason for Requesting Grade Changes. After typing in reason, Click Yes.
Request ButtonReason

5. You will be returned to the class grading screen. Enter the grade changes and edit the Incompletes (see the tutorial on assigning Incompletes to a student).
Your clerk or head counselor will accept your grade changes to be posted to the report card.

6. Remember this request "window" is open for 2 hours only. If you complete your grade entries before the 2 hour limit is up, you should go ahead and close the window by doing the following:
- On the Main Screen tabs, go back and repeat Step 2 above (be sure you are in the column you edited grades for):
Grade Posting Drop Down

7. Click the Complete Grade Changes button on the right side of the screen:
Completing Request 1

8. Click the Yes button.
Complete Request 2