Edit Categories Per Six Weeks

Categories should be set properly at the beginning of the Semester. However, if a category's weight needs to be changed or a category needs to be deleted for a new grading period, this procedure should be followed:

1. Open the gradebook to one of the classes and click on the Categories tab:
Edit Categories 1

2. On the pop-up window, select the purple Change Score Method button:
Edit Categories 2

3. On the next window select the third radio button that says "Base grades on percents assigned to categories by Grade Period. Then select Save.
Edit Categories 3

4. The window will now show the Grading Periods by Terms. Any term that has already had grades submitted will not have a modify % link to be able to edit categories. Therefore, you will modify those terms that you are currently working in or future terms. To modify the percents assigned to a category or to delete/add a category and assign a percent to, click on the Modify % link.
Edit Categories 4

5. The following pop-up window allows you to check/uncheck the categories you wish to use. Don't forget to put the correct percent for that category and rememeber the total percent must equal 100. When all categories have been checked and assigned the percent, click Save.
Edit Categories 5

6. If this is the scoring method you will use for other classes, click the "Use These Categories For My Other Classes" button.
Edit Categories 6

7. A list of all your classes will pop up. Check the classes that you would like to use the same set up in. (You will notice that some classes don't match because a different scoring method was used. In those cases you will have to go into that class gradebook and repeat this procedure for those classes.) Once the classes have been selected, click Save.
Edit Categories 7

8. Repeat the process for other terms that need category changes. Example: if you have used a benchmark test as a separate category for the first 5 Six Weeks and then do not want to use it the 6th Six Weeks, then Term 6 must be modified. If your setup was 10% Benchmark, 40% Daily, 50% Test, it would be changed to 40% Daily and 60% Test.