Note: Scores that are dropped with this process will appear with the AD special code on the Main Screen and will be marked as No Count.
1. On the Main Screen, Hover over the Display Options tab and Click on Advanced Drop Lowest Score (or Drop Lowest Score).
Dropping Low Score 1

2. Select a grade period to run the Advanced Drop Lowest Score process on. Click on that Advanced Drop Lowest Score link.
Drop Low Score 2

3. To exclude a student from the process, uncheck their box.
4. Click Next.
5. Review the Categories and Assignments to be used in the process. To exclude a category or assignment in the process, uncheck the corresponding box.
6. Select the number of scores to be dropped.
7. Click Next.
8. Review the assignment scores to be dropped for each student.
9. Click the Process Drops button.
Drop Low Score 3

Note: If you need to undo the process, go to the Advanced Drop Lowest Score screen as noted above. There will be a new link under Process Options (Undo Drop Lowest Score). Select the link and then click the Process Undrops button.

Grades from multiple categories cannot be dropped at the same time. You will need to set up the drops separately.