You can change how student info, assignments, and grades appear
Display Options
Display Options
Student Display -
Student Display

1. Select how you want student names to appear in gradebook
2. Select display options like Student ID, dropped students etc. (dropped students will appear as grayed out bars on the gradesheet)
3. Select Sorting Options
4. Click Save
Assignment Display -
Assignment Display
Format the information you want displayed on assignments in the column header the way you want it to appear.
It is best to keep the minimum score default at 100 as this affects all assignments.
If you are going to give grades above 100 (extra credit), click the Suppress the "value entered is greater than max score" message.

Grade Period Display -
Grade Period
To display only one term at a time on the gradebook:
1. Click Hide All buttons in both columns
2. Select Term you want to display on gradebook
3. Click Save
4. You MUST DO this for ALL CLASSES
You cannot uncheck the current grading period.