Submitting A Discipline Referral in Skyward

1. Log into Skyward

2. On your Home screen, click on the Student Search - By Entity link:
Discpline Link

3. On the filter screen, make sure your school is selected and click the Apply Filter button.

4. The Student Search screen will come up. Type in the last name of the student in the purple box in the lower right corner.
Click on the student's name (the line will highlight a tan color).
Select the View Student Information link on the right:
Search Screen

5. On the student profile screen, click the Discipline link in the left navigation pane:
Discipline Link

6. On the Discipline screen, click the Add button:

7. Complete the form:
Discipline Form
1 - School (should be defaulted to your school)
2 - Officer (select appropriate asst. principal; the asst. principal may already be defaulted in)
3 - Offense (click the drop down arrow and select the appropriate offense)
4 - Location (click the drop down arrow and select the appropriate location of the offense)
5 - Date of offense (click the calendar and select the date or choose the date by using the drop down arrows for each box)
6 - Time (type in the time of the offense)
7 - Comment (type comments about the offense)
8 - Save (click the Save button to submit the form to the assistant principal)

The assistant principal(s) will receive an email notification and Skyward alert that you have sent a discipline referral.