Entering Citizenship (Conduct) Mark - E | S | N | U

The Citizenship (labeled CZ2, CZ3, CZ4 etc.) Marks are done on the Main Screen to the right of the current SW column:
CZ column

1. Click on the CZ# label to the right of the current SW column

2. The following screen, is the citizenship grade entry screen
Citizenship Grade Entry Screen

3. Enter the appropriate grade mark (E=excellent, S=satisfactory, N=needs improvement, U=unsatisfactory) for each student. If most students will receive the same grade mark, you can quickly assign the grade mark using Default blanks to drop down box. Click the drop down arrow > scroll all the way to the bottom > select the appropriate mark. On the pop up window, click OK to set all the cells to that grade mark.
Mass Assign Citizenship   Click OK

4. You can then edit those individual students who don't get the same mark as all others. Then click the Save button.
Edit Individual Grade Marks

5. The result: