Note: Categories must be set up before adding assignments.
On the Main Screen, Hover over Assignments tab and Select Add Assignment
Adding Assignments
1. Select the Category for the assignment with the drop down
2. Enter Description for assignment (i.e. Chapter 1 Test)
Assignment Group is optional: allows you to group assignments together for reporting purposes
3. Select date assignment will be assigned (defaults to current date)
    Select Proposed Due Date (due date you anticipate)
    **Select Actual Due Date (last day assignment can be turned in)
4. Max score should be kept at 100
5. Check other classes that will get this same assignment
6. Save and Back - takes you back to the Main Screen
    Save and Add Another - saves the assignment and allows you to enter another assignment
    Save and Score - takes you to the grade input screen

**Not correctly choosing the final due date may cause confusion to parents using Family Access. If the due date has past and you have not entered a grade for the student, the student's score will show Missing and will average in as a 0.
**Assigning a due date for all assignments outside the range of the current grading period will cause grades to not show up in mid-term (i.e. PR1, PR2 etc.) columns and will result in no grades being assigned on a progress report or report card.